Hidden Skype Emoticons

skype emoticons

Skype is the most popular voice software in the world. Over 600 millions of users use skype every day for voice and video calls or instant messaging communication. For users' messages skype provides many emoticons that help them express more accurately their feelings. Now the owner of Skype is Microsoft, and they redesigned all emoticons in versions after Skype 5.5. In new versions are added many new emoticons, and some of the old emoticons become now hidden ones. We list both skype emoticons – old and new design. View newest hidden skype emoticons 2012:

New Emoticons Old Emoticons Meaning Code
Brocken Heart (u) (U)
Bug (bug)
Drunk (drunk)
Finger (finger)
Fubar (fubar)
Headbang (headbang)
Mooning (mooning)
Swear (swear)
  What the Fuck (wtf)
Rock (rock)
Smoking (smoking)
Toivo (toivo)
  Zilmer (zilmer)
Punch (punch)
Call me (call)
Phone (phone)
Movie (movie)
Time (time)
Mail (mail)
Skype (skype)
Pool Party (poolparty)
  Work From Home (wfh)
  Beautiful Legs (hollest)



i wish the skype icons could move on mac or ipads!!!! :(